Backflow Program - BPCCC

LaSalle Backflow Protection Cross -Connection Control Program (BPCCC)


The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has implemented Regulation 11 that assures the safety of public drinking water supplies and enables the state of Colorado to assume responsibility for enforcing the standards established by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The State of Colorado CDPHE has required that the Town bring all non-single family residential (NSFR) water connections into compliance with Reg. 11 by requiring the Town to adopt an ordinance into law that requires all non-single family residential connections to have backflow prevention devices installed to prevent a backflow event from contaminating the water supply.

The Town, by direction of the State, has enacted a Backflow Prevention Cross-Connection Control program that will be implemented by a 3rd party vendor to conduct surveys of each connection and ultimately require the installation of a RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) backflow device on every non-single family residential connection to the Town’s water supply.  This will include the following types of connections to the Town’s water supply:

  • Commercial Properties and Related Structures
  • Industrial Properties and Related Structures
  • Multi-Family Properties and Related Structures
  • Agricultural Properties and Related Structures
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Exemptions Include:
  • Single Family Connections that do not pose a potential risk
  • Note- Connections that pose a greater risk may include: Irrigation lines, swimming pools, fire suppression lines, hot tubs, wells, ponds, etc.

What Should I Expect?

Informational letters will be sent out in January to all known listed property owners, tenants, and businesses that have a Reg 11 qualifying NSFR connection.

The person responsible for the water connection or authorized person must then create an online account and register for the program at

Once registered the person must complete the Backflow License application.

The application will be reviewed, and an email will be sent to the person to notify them when they can schedule a survey to be performed.

An inspector will come out to survey the water distribution on the premises to look for any cross-connections and determine compliance with the Town ordinance as well as Reg 11.

 If a RPZ device is not installed protecting the entire premises water connection one will be required at that point.  The person will have 90 days from the survey date to contact a certified installation technician and have the RPZ installed and the RPZ tested and certified.  Once the certification is completed by the technician, the letter of testing certification must be uploaded to the Backflow License at

Once all steps have been completed the water connection is deemed as to meet the requirements of the ordinance and Reg 11 for that year.

Is this a onetime deal?

No. The State CDPHE requires annual reporting to be submitted by the Town in order to maintain compliance with Reg 11.  The RPZ is required to be tested and certified on an annual basis.  This means that the person who is responsible for the connection will need submit the testing certification on an annual basis through the Town’s tracking software on the following link at


Click HERE for the General Public Notice of Violation - M611, M612 (CDPHE) - 06.20.2023 

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