Applications are located on the right. Town of LaSalle applications must be submitted with resume. 


Open Positions

Police Officer

Starting pay $62587.00 - $76147.00 D.O.E. Application, Resume, and Certifications Required. Must be POST certified. Forward application and documentation to Chief Arnold of the LaSalle Police Department. Qualifications for employment OPEN UNTIL FILLED 

Chief of Police Dave Arnold

LaSalle Police Department

128 North 2nd Street

LaSalle, Colorado 80645


FAX 970-284-6843


Public Works Employee

The Town of LaSalle is accepting applications for a full time Public Works Employee Duties pertain to the areas of water and wastewater distribution, parks, street repair and signage, and general maintenance of buildings and vehicles. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Salary offered is $45,000 per year depending on experience. Excellent benefits. Residence requirement of 1-hour radius of LaSalle for emergency response. Both resume and LaSalle application must be returned to: Director Barry Schaeffer, 128 North 2nd St, LaSalle, Colorado 80645 or to bschaeffer@lasalletown.com Open until filled. EOE

Reserve Police Officer

The LaSalle Police Department is accepting applications for Reserve Police Officer, this is a volunteer position and will be open until filled. You can find more information my clicking on the "Reserve Police Officer" employment application. Both resume AND Town of LaSalle employment application must be returned to: 

LaSalle Police Department

Chief Dave Arnold

128 North 2nd Street

LaSalle, Colorado   80645


Or submit your application packet by email:  darnold@lasalletown.com

Employment Application